The purest expression of the OFYR. Designed to fit in with any surroun­dings, the OFYR Classic is a beautiful Corten steel object even when not in use. Light it up, and it turns every outdoor event into a special occasion.

    The OFYR Classic is now also available in black color constructed with a heat-­resistant matte finish. Available in 33.5 in and 39.4 in sizes.

MATERIAL Base & Cone: Corten Steel
Plate: Black Carbon Steel
DIMENSIONS Height: 39 ¼ in (3.3 ft)
Width: 38 ½ in (3.2 ft)
Depth: 38 ½ in (3.2 ft)
WEIGHT Base: 70.5 lbs
Cone: 50.7 lbs
Plate: 125.7 lbs
Total: 242.5 lbs

Item Code OC-100-100
UPC 3291081336219



Both the OFYR Butcher Blocks and OFYR Islands feature a 2nd top plate. This makes it possible to position the tool tray in different places.