We are pleased to be the official OFYR US distributor.  The OFYR brand is flourishing; now available in over 50 countries.

The OFYR combines a barbecue, fire basket and hotplate in one unique object.   When it’s time to entertain outdoors, this elegant sculpture transforms into a warm, welcoming hub for cooking and socializing.

OFYR’s innovative circular design means that family and friends can take part in the cooking process, and enjoy preparing their own food while the conversation flows.

Wood, fire, smoke, food—it’s basic, it’s primitive; yet, it’s modern.  The OFYR offers:

·         a cone-shaped corten bowl that radiates warmth

·         a wide, flat rim that doubles as a high-efficiency hotplate

·         a variety of cooking styles: grilling, flambéing, steaming, baking and even stewing

·         a new dimension of taste, as the smoke flows over the food.

Now is the time to discover the OFYR product line. For more information, please contact us at sales@ofyrusa.com or 844-5-OFYRUSA (844-563-9787).